Cleaning / Repair

Reading Fire Equipment Inc. is here to provide all NFPA 1851 compliant services required by your department. We are a Recognized Independent Service provider for Honeywell First Responder Products brands -- Morning Pride, Ranger Turnout, American Firewear, PRO-Warrington, Servus. Our goal is to provide NFPA 1851 required services to departments using Morning Pride Brands, in the most efficient, professional and cost effective manner possible. You can rest assured that all updated compliance requirements to NFPA 1851 are implemented on a regular basis. We are firefighters here to help our fellow firefighters!

Reading Fire Equipment NFPA 1851 ISP Certification Verified by Honeywell First Responder Products for the following: Advanced Inspection, Advanced Cleaning, 


Repairs are performed by a Morning Pride trained Repair Specialist verified ISP. All repairs and alterations to garments are performed according to the Morning Prides approved methods, specifications, and use the same materials. Reading Fire Equipment Inc. is tested by Honeywell First Responder Products Morning Pride for performing Basic repairs on their firefighting products. Our repair methods have been evaluated for conformance to insure OEM compliance.


Here at Reading Fire Equipment we utilize state of the art gear cleaning extractors, and top of the line cleaners for the lightly, and heavily soiled turn out gear.  We know first hand how important your gear is to be in service.  Here at Reading Fire Equipment we strive for a 24 hour turn around time on all gear cleaning.   How ever these times may vary based upon the quantity of gear being washed for your department, or another department that may have already dropped gear off.  All gear that is cleaned by Reading Fire Equipment is then fully inspected, and you will be notified if any areas of your turnout gear need to be repaired.

Not only do we repair gear, but we are also set up to modify gear.  We do all of the custom lettering for the fire company names, and also the tails of the firefighters name.   With all of the fire department consolidations, and mergers we make it easier on you.  You no longer have to send your gear out to the manufacture for these items to be changed. We do it right here in house. 


All we ask is that you send us what lettering is to be placed on the garment, material type, and quantity needing modified.  Reading Fire Equipment will then make the patches ahead of time for quicker turn around time on the modifications of the gear.


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